Hospital Profile

Hospital Fatimah is a not-for-profit private hospital at Ipoh Garden, boasting easy access to transportation, banks, shops and eateries.


Founded by The Congregation of the Brothers of Mercy, the hospital has been delivering exceptional and tender healthcare since 1974.


At Hospital Fatimah, we aim to give “holistic care” to all dimensions of a person’s needs through physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological care. The motto “Strength in Purpose, Gentle in Action” aptly sums up the “wholeness” in its ministry of care.


Hospital Fatimah is continually upgrading and improving its facilities and services in tandem with latest technologies to meet the community’s expanding needs.

Our Motto

“Strength in Purpose,
Gentle in Action”

Our Vision

We will integrate the best skills and technology incorporating moral standards and humanitarian values to become a premier hospital in providing equitable, accessible, affordable and effective quality healthcare.

Our Mission

We undertake to maintain, manage and conduct our services in the true meaning of the Christian Ministry in accordance with the traditions of The Brothers Of Mercy.


We seek to institute high standards in the treatment and holistic care of our patients by continuing to explore modern technology, focusing on our customers’ needs and expectations.


In acknowledging the important contributions of our staff and the strong partnership with our practitioners, we seek to instill a strong team spirit so as to provide effective quality healthcare services consistent with our philosophy.


We believe in the importance of sound business ethics so as to ensure that our services are provided in a manner that gives our customers value for money.

Quality Care

To ensure that our patients receive our quality of care, our Quality Management System has embarked on externally and internationally recognized quality certifications:


  • Malaysia Hospital Accreditation Standards by the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH)
  • IQ Net, an international certification body


We are fully committed to deliver services without any shortfall in quality to achieve the high standards of personal and corporate excellence that is required to make this policy a reality.



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