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Stroke Treatment Clinical Outcome

As high as 78% of stroke patients in the hospital achieve status of full neurological recovery and able to perform all usual duties and activities. (modified Rankin scale of 0-1)


Below is the chart of the clinical stroke outcome performance comparing Hospital Fatimah Stroke Centre to the Malaysia others stroke centre.

Modified Rankin scale (mRS ) is the stroke clinical outcome score.

The individual score explanation are as below

Score Description
0 No symptoms
1 No significant disability. Able to carry out all usual activities, despite some symptoms
2 Slight disability. Able to look after own affairs without assistance, but unable to carry
out all previous activities
3 Moderate disability. Requires some help, but able to walk unassisted
4 Moderately severe disability. Unable to attend to own bodily needs without assistance,
or unable to walk unassisted
5 Severe disability. Requires constant nursing care and attention, bedridden, incontinent
6 Dead

Source: RES-Q Data for Life, Malaysia-MY_017 Fatimah Hospital, Data Summary Report – H1 2023.
Report was generated on October 18, 2023.



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