First and foremost, I would like to thank all the brothers and the management for choosing me to be part of the 50th Anniversary launching ceremony back in January 2024.


I first started in Hospital Fatimah back in 1977 as an office boy recommended by Mr. David Albic and my first manager was Mr. Daniel Xavier. After some time, I was assigned as a darkroom technician under Mr. Paul Nayagam. It was during this time, an opportunity unfolded before me. I was sent to X-Ray Machine Operator course by Brother Dr Patrick Liew, in 1987.


After I completed the course; I then started working as an X-Ray assistant radiographer. Brother Ambrose Heng always encouraged young and vibrant people to work in Hospital Fatimah. This is how I referred new faces to contribute to the hospital such as Christopher Sebastian, David Marshall, Margaret, Krishnan, Benniz and many more.


Later in 1997, MRI machine was introduced in Hospital Fatimah and I was sent to Kuching for a training with guidance from Dato’ Dr. Mohamad bin Abdul Kadir. Throughout my years of service in Hospital Fatimah, I have learnt a lot and received continuous support from my fellow colleagues, doctors, and superiors. I have worked with various managers over the course of 47 years of service with my recent manager being Mr. Thilip Kumar.


I retired 4 years back and I am grateful to be given a contract position in MRI. I am happy to see how the hospital has grown so far and may it continue to render service to the community. I am proudly wishing Hospital Fatimah a very Happy 50th Anniversary.


Anthony Louis a/l Sinnapan (Radiology Department Staff, 1977 – Current)

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In 2005, a transformative milestone in healthcare was achieved with the establishment of a cardiac catheterisation laboratory and cardiology service. This monumental step not only marked a significant advancement in medical technology but also symbolised a commitment to the comprehensive care of patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Cardiologists – 2024

Dr. Choong Choon Hooi (Since 2005)

Dr. Tan Huat Chai (Since 2007)

Dr. Chong Jen Lim (Since 2019 )


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Our journey with Hospital Fatimah spans decades! Starting in the 1970s, Weng Soon Iron Works, with its dedicated team, has been crafting custom-made items for the hospital. From liaising with Sr. Yap and Mr. Daniel in the 1990s to collaborating with Mr. Rama and Mr. Elangovan today, the evolution is evident.


The most memorable experience? A glimpse into the Operation Theatre! Witnessing Hospital Fatimah’s progress over the years, we see a modernised institution. With 40-50 years in the industry and a personal connection spanning generations, it’s been a good feeling working with the friendly and nice people at Hospital Fatimah.

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Br. Wolfgang Widmann was born Lorenz Widmann on 14 June 1932 in Hunderingen, Germany. He joined the order of the Brothers of Mercy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in 1957 and was given the name “Wolfgang”, an old German name of a saint which means “wolf hunter”.


In July 1975, the Superior General of the Brothers of Mercy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help sent Brother Wolfgang to Malaysia as a delegate to assist in managing Hospital Fatimah in Ipoh. He dedicated 8 years of service to Hospital Fatimah before returning to Germany in 1983 for a period of 12 years. In 1995, responding to the request of Hospital Fatimah, he returned to Malaysia and continued his service until 2015, when he eventually returned to Germany.

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In 2003, the Haemodialysis Centre was inaugurated, marking a significant milestone in our healthcare services, with the appointment of a Resident Nephrologist, Dr. Ng Yew Sang. Over the years, the center has grown exponentially, catering to the needs of an increasing number of patients.


Currently, the Haemodialysis Centre serves a thriving community of patients, offering vital renal care and support. With 23 chairs now available, the center operates across three shifts to accommodate the demand for treatment. Throughout its journey, the center has been blessed with dedicated staff members, including our beloved Sr. Patricia, who began her tenure as a staff nurse and has now ascended to the role of manager in the HDC. Her steadfast leadership and unwavering dedication have played a pivotal role in the center’s growth and success, ensuring that it continues to uphold the highest standards of care for its patients.


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On November 27th, 1983, my 41-year journey with Fatimah Hospital began, shaping my life profoundly. It felt like stepping into a second home in the Maternity Ward, where warmth and camaraderie defined my daily existence. The Our Lady Sisters, my compassionate mentors, guided me professionally and bestowed invaluable life lessons. Over the years, Fatimah Hospital wove a tapestry of dedication, compassion, and shared commitment to others’ well-being.


As I stand on the brink of retirement, the echoes of four decades resound within me. This journey was more than a career; it was a beautiful tapestry of unforgettable moments. Fatimah Hospital holds a special place in my heart, and bidding farewell is a mix of gratitude and nostalgia. Reflecting on this transformative journey, I am grateful for the positive and challenging experiences that molded me into a better person. With heartfelt appreciation, I wish Fatimah Hospital continued success in its mission to provide compassionate healthcare.


May laughter echo through its walls, and may the bonds among colleagues and with patients remain as resilient as ever.


-Jeyaletsumy a/p Vengataraman,

Maternity Ward Staff (1983 – Current)

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Hospital Fatimah initiated paediatric services in 2000. Starting with only 5 beds, it eventually developed into a Paediatric ward with a total of 20 beds. Dr. Lee Kim Seng was the first paediatrician.


Consultant Paediatricians (2024)

  • Dr. Lee Kim Seng (Since 2000)
  • Dr Shan Narayanan (Since 2006)
  • Dr Tan Kai Xian (Since 2023)


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It has been a great pleasure being a member of the ‘Fatimah Family’ over the last quarter of century, witnessing its growth into a renowned tertiary referral medical Centre in the state of Perak. I am grateful to have opportunities to work with a group of caring, dedicated consultants and supportive hospital staff.


We work, we sweat, we stress, we laugh, we play, we enjoy together, and we support each other. We are not just co-workers, but brothers-sisters, and best friends forever.


Happy 50th anniversary to our unique boutique hospital called ‘Fatimah’


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Albic @ David a/l Anthonisamy
Staff of Hospital Fatimah (OT)
1974 – 2023


“It would be very difficult for me to leave MY Hospital Fatimah, but the time will come one day.” These were his words penned down in the 40th Anniversary magazine of Hospital Fatimah.


“I will serve MY Hospital Fatimah till I can, till my last breath, and see it celebrating its 50 years.”


As he is no longer in our presence, I am very sure he is IMMENSELY PROUD and HAPPY TO SEE ‘HIS’ HOSPITAL FATIMAH has grown up BEAUTIFULLY to half a century. Looking back to his first day joining and his last days with Hospital Fatimah, ‘his’ dedication and passion for the hospital have never ever PAUSED or STOPPED.


Happy memories, supportive friendships, and enduring relationships have made him journey through years of togetherness with Hospital Fatimah. Each moment in Hospital Fatimah is very precious to him. It is a great honour to be a part of Hospital Fatimah and to be given this recognition. Happy 50th Anniversary Hospital Fatimah, and may you continue to grow and succeed in the future. Thank you, BROTHERS OF MERCY, THE MANAGEMENT, DOCTORS, AND STAFF FOR MAKING ME A PART OF HOSPITAL FATIMAH.


-Lorraine Livia Albic

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The Outpatient Block was extended to cope with the demand for Specialist Outpatient Services. At the same time, four more operating rooms were added to cater to the increasing number of surgical procedures.


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Click to watch Dr. Satkunan Mark Video


“Hospital Fatimah is indeed a very special place to me. I have many fond memories of the Hospital. Firstly, because I was born here in hospital four years after it was established. Secondly, I used to live right behind the hospital here in Jalan Carlos, Ipoh. Thirdly, my mum used to be a staff in this Hospital many years ago. So, I have had many memories of this place”

-Dr Satkunan Mark
(Resident Consultant General & Bariatric Surgeon)


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Blessed Peter Friedhofen was born on 25th February 1819 in Weitersburg bei Vallendar in the Rhine Valley, near Koblenz, Germany. He founded the Brothers of Mercy in 1850 in Germany, and the order was well established to continue their mission to serve the poor and sick.


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Brand new MRI, Mammography and Bone Densitometry services were added in diagnostics & imaging services.


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Congratulations to Hospital Fatimah for 50 years of providing dedicated service to the community of Ipoh and Perak. I have been a resident orthopaedic surgeon in Hospital Fatimah for more than 40 years and have seen the hospital transformed into a major health care provider with modern facilities and a caring and dedicated staff. We are a family and I have enjoyed working with all the dedicated healthcare professionals. May the next 50 years be filled with continued success on your onward journey to provide the best to your patients. Happy 50th anniversary Hospital Fatimah.


– Dr. Raveendran Kandiah
(Resident Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)


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The hospital had 148 beds and all its medical equipment were imported from Germany. The first specialist unit was the Orthopaedic Unit. Subsequently the Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic was set up, followed by the Medical Unit, Obstetric Unit and the General Surgery Unit.


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The name “Fatimah” was derived from “Our Lady of Fatima” in Portugal, a popular site of pilgrimage. Hospital Fatimah admitted its first patient on 1 August 1974 and was officially declared open by His Royal Highness The Late Sultan of Perak, DYMM Sultan Idris Shah on 7 December 1974.


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