Hospital Fatimah since its foundation, has always emphasised the importance of service for the poor, needy and marginalised and as a not-for-profit hospital, it has a special interest in assisting the underpriviledged group of people in our society.

The Welfare Programme is designed to assist the poor and needy who come to Hospital Fatimah for treatment. The objective of the Welfare Programme is to ensure that these patients can have access to financial assistance. The Programme would check the authenticity of claims and to verify that they are genuine. This is done by each applicant completing a detailed application form and submitting the necessary documents. After checking such information and the documents, the application together with an accompanying welfare report are submitted for consideration by the Hospital’s Welfare Committee.

The welfare commitee must be satisfied that the applicant is genuinely poor and in need of financial assistance. For those who are less qualified, the Hospital will try to assist in other ways such as offering deferred payment arrangements if appropriate.



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